What do I get?

  • Ownership of raw 4K video files plus 1080 video files for sharing with family.
  • Five video clips ranging from 20 seconds to two minutes with raw “sound bites” and stories.
  • Professionally edited personal story (additional hourly rates apply).

What does it cost?

Silver – Digital Audio Interview Only – $2500+

Gold – 4K Raw Video Interview Only – $5,000+

Platinum – 4K Raw Video Interview + Edited Polished “Film” – $10,000+

How’s this work?

  • It’s like a wedding photographer. You book us, pay half down and we show up at the appointment. “We” includes a two-person crew: a top-notch interviewer plus a professional filmmaker at your home. There’s no muss or fuss with getting a 99 year old grandma to a studio. We come to you.
  • We light the interview and frame it in a relaxed home setting – the better to draw out great stories!
  • We render this video and put it in a private secure web link in a lower resolution for sharing and on a durable external hard drive in 4k video. You send us the second half-payment.
  • We send you the video with clips we liked. Or you screen the lower resolution copy of the raw and pick out the “sound bites” or anecdotes you find most memorable. We edit up to five at your specification. More than five? No problem. We’ll quote a reasonable rate for editing.

What can I do with this video?

  • The most important thing you do: save it. These videos are priceless family portraits! You may not realize their full value for years or even decades.
  • So you’ll want to make lots of copies for the kids, the grandkids, the cousins, the siblings. These files are for sharing with the family historian.
  • After that, you could make your own documentary film. You could use clips in a 6th grade history project. You could edit together a video tribute. You could have a short video for the family reunion. You could even make your own video obituary or memorial. You could share video clips with a history museum or archive. You could make a video about the family business. You could give video clips to a veteran’s group or church/temple/mosque or charity. Your imagination is better than ours. Let Voice Locket help.